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League One 2008-09 5/4/2009
1 Leicester 41 37 83
2 Peterborough 41 24 81

3 Millwall 41 13 76
4 MK Dons 40 31 72
5 Leeds United 40 22 71
6 Scunthorpe 39 17 67

7 Southend 41 -2 64
8 Tranmere 40 11 63
9 Oldham 41 2 59
10 Stockport 41 5 57
11 Colchester 41 -1 57
12 Huddersfield 41 -6 57
13 Walsall 41 -4 55
14 Bristol Rovers 39 17 54
15 Leyton Orient 40 -11 48
16 Hartlepool 41 -9 46
17 Yeovil T 40 -23 46
18 Swindon T 41 -4 45
19 Carlisle 41 -14 44
20 Crewe 41 -18 44

21 Northampton 39 -1 42
22 Brighton 39 -20 36
23 Hereford 39 -29 33
24 Cheltenham 40 -37 31

June 2004 Archive

 3rd June, 2004
  • No.2 Joins Kevin
 4th June, 2004
  • Leeds bid rejected! Hang on: a BID?!
 5th June, 2004
  • Thoughts on the New Home Kit
  • Milner's New Contract.
 6th June, 2004
  • Players, In, Out, Free & Retiring
 7th June, 2004
  • Target Man Eludes Capture
  • Carlisle Captured
 9th June, 2004
  • Sicknote Bails Out. Leeds' Medical Bills Halved.
  • Mills Situation Drags On
 14th June, 2004
  • Milner Price Tagged.
 Fri, 25th June, 2004
  • Fixtures Announced (Updated)
 Tues, 29th June, 2004
  • The Wright Stuff - New Bosman Midfielder

Sam's the Man for Kev!


am Ellis has been appointed by Kevin Blackwell as his assistant manager at Elland Road.

Sam Ellis

Hmmm, where have all the players gone?


The 58 year-old has spent the last six years as assistant to Stan Ternent at Burnley. However, the pair were dismissed at the end of last season (2003-04) after the Clarets' only narrowly avoided relegation to the Second Division!

Kevin was rumoured to be after former Walsall manager Colin Lee , however, Kevin has now turned to the equally experienced Ellis, who has previously managed Blackpool, Bury and Lincoln during his long career. As Lee lost his job by unsuccesssfully pursuing the manager's job at Plymouth, his commitment to Leeds would have always been under scrutiny.

Kevin said:

I have known Sam for a long time and even played for him when I was a teenager.

"He is well respected in the game because he has been working in the First Division for a number of years and has been instrumental in Burnley's rise through the leagues.

"He knows what is needed at both ends of the table, has good contacts and a great deal of knowledge and understanding of what is required.

"I am delighted to have been able to bring him in and I am looking forward to working with him.''

It was only a couple of seasons ago that Sam's boss, Stan Ternent had a fight with Kevin Blackwell at Bramall Lane, during half time, when Ternent accused the Sheffield United assistant manager of listening to the Burnley team talk! Good show of initiative there Kevin, let's have more of it!

Don't be discouraged by Sam's sacking by Burnley. Sam Ellis was at the side of Stan Ternent for many years and he went to Burnley with Stan from Bury back in 1998, where they had had major success before repeating it at Turf Moor.

Sam Ellis' record shows he sticks at a job, has all the right experience at this level of football and has a deep knowledge of players and contacts in the lower divisions where we'll be hunting for players. At a stroke Kevin has made up for some of his inexperience as boss and for having spent a season away from the Division in which we now find ourselves.

Sam has already begun work, although he has found time to have a few words with the media:

"My task is to help the manager in doing whatever he wants."

"He's a very well respected young man who is embarking on his first job, he has ideas of how he wants to do things and hopefully I will be able to help him.

"It certainly is an exciting challenge, it's something to get my teeth into and I look forward to it."

I think the word "challenge" is barely adequate to encompass what Sam and Kevin now face, as for "something to get my teeth into", Sam needs to be careful as this job has been known to bite coaches back! Best of luck Sam and welcome aboard!

3rd June, 2004
Chris Hudson

Leeds Bid Rejected!

4th June, 2004


erhaps the surprise of this story is not the rejection but rather the existence of a bid from Leeds Utd for another player, and we offered money! Not a lot of money admittedly, approx. £80,000, sufficiently low for Port Vale Chairman Bratt to say that the offer was "not worth considering". Still we made an offer that's what counts. Having seen a veritable galaxy of overpaid stars extinguished from the playing roster at Leeds we haven't signed a replacement player since Nicky Barmby at the start of the 2002-03 season. So, for whom did we make a bid?

Steve McPhee
Steve McPhee


Port Vale's 22 year-old, prolific striker Steve McPhee, who is out of contract this summer was the object of our desires. The offer from Leeds is complicated by the Bosman rules relating to his age. As he is under 24 Port Vale are entitled to compensation if he goes to an English club. If we sign him without agreeing compensation the fee would be decided by tribunal. However, if he signs outisde England, Port Vale don't get a single bean for him and a Portugese club, Beira Mar, is sniffing around.

McPhee, who scored an impressive 27 goals last term, has been offered a new contract by Port Vale and has until next Thursday to decide whether to accept it and he has also spoken to Portuguese First Division side Beira Mar. "The amount Leeds offered was, in my opinion, not even worth considering," Bill Bratt told the Stoke Evening Sentinel. "The offer was rejected out of hand. We want to keep Steve McPhee because we believe his future is with us."

Bratt and Port Vale are playing a dangerous game. If McPhee wants to come to Leeds and rejects the Vale contract then Vale must decide whether or not to accept the current Leeds offer. If they again reject the offer Leeds will not go in again as they described their first attempt as a "sensible and realistic offer". Moreover, Leeds will not allow the matter to go to tribunal; it's like writing a blank cheque and Leeds cannot risk that happening. Therefore, denied Leeds and having rejected Vale's offer, McPhee will have no choice but to go to Beira Mar, and Vale and Bratt will then get NOTHING, zip, nada, bugger all!

Port Vale are being shafted by the European-inspired rules and have yet to learn that you can't fight it. Just grit your teeth and accept it. Leeds fans have spent two years being the victims and we have empathy for the Vale fans but their Chairman should know better.

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Milner to Double Money

5th June, 2004


he Independent newspaper has reported today that 18 year-old wunderkind James Milner will begin talks, next week, on a new contract. The good news is that he has apparently made it clear that he wants to remain at the club for the forthcoming season.

Jmaes Milner


James Milner is not one of the players the club urgently need to remove from the wage bill, as he is currently one of the lowest-paid first-team players at Elland Road, earning around £4,000 a week. He has already turned down the chance to join Tottenham (and new manager Santini, the current French national coach), who bid £4-£4.5 million. Despite this the Board could still be tempted by any larger offer for the teenage winger, with the Board desperate to raise the cash to pay off the £15m loan from Jack Petchey.

Milner is due a pay rise after triggering a clause in his contract by playing a certain number of games. For his age he played an exceptional number of matches in our relegation season. He can expect to double his wages when he and agent Mick McGuire, the deputy chief executive of the Professional Footballers' Association, open negotiations next week. Someone websites were erroneously reporting that Jason Ferguson, spawn of the Lord Ferguscum of Old Trafford was Milner's agent. Thankfully, that is not the case for obvious reasons. James Milner will probably be one of the best paid players in the squad next season and he may be one of the few with realistic long-term international aspirations.

Following the controversial Smith move to the Theatre of Queens and Milner's rebuffing of the advances from Spurs, James is set to become the crowd's favourite next season and the Board know they cannot afford to disaffect him through an inadequate wage offer. For both James' and the crowd's sakes I hope they don't lionise him to the extent that they did Alan Smith. Because if we don't go up next season he will probably leave for a Premiership club in the 2005-06 season.

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Hmmm... The New Home Kit

Saturday 5th June, 2004 :: Chris Hudson


oday sees a carnival-like atmosphere at Elland Road as the club holds a Family Fun Day to roll-out the new home kit. (The kit is now available from all club outlets too).
This has become an annual event with all the new kits the club has launched over the last three seasons. This year we have a new shirt manufacturer, Italian company Diadora taking over from Nike

Leeds Utd Home Kit 2004-06
Another Leeds Strip

(which doesn't like to be associated with failures). This will mean we also have new second and third strips. Of course, last year we had three new shirts as the sponsor changed from Strongbow to White & McKay, though "officially" only the ugly, unlucky, dark-blue, pinstripe monstrosity was introduced as a "new" strip. We produce more strip changes than Man United! I'm surprised we haven't had a Leeds City commemorative strip yet!

The new strip incorporates Diadora's 'One of eleven' logo on the shoulders and this is to symbolise the importance of team-work. A concept lost on last season's squad. This logo also changes colour to show the increase of physical effort and body temperature that players put in - we'd have never seen the bloody thing change last season would we?

Leeds Utd Logos
More Logos Than You
Can Shake A Stick At!

For most fans it would have remained a matter of faith rather than observation that it did, in fact, change colour!

Perhaps the biggest change sees the Leeds Shield moved to the centre of the shirt. No problem with that, just like Real Madrid. Ole!. However, the sponsor's logo strikes a large, inelegant, discordant note on a relatively plain white shirt, and the manufacturer's name is too big and, unforgiveably, above the club badge. One wonders if the players are playing for Diadora or White & McKay? At least the neckline has returned to the simple, collarless, high "V" as in the popular Champions League/Strongbow era shirts. Overall, not too bad, some plus points but the sponsor's logo is a nightmare.

Nevertheless, shirt sales raise funds for the club (or our creditors to be precise) and if you want to indulge in Italian fashion you can buy on-line, directly from the club, for £39.99, by clicking here. Funny, I thought the price of shirts was meant to come down following an OFT investigation in which, inter alia, the Scum were fined over a million pounds for price fixing? Celtic manage to turn out their shirts for £34.99. I think we should be told why...

If the price is too much or if you want a Leeds shirt to kick about in over the summer then check out your local JJB store. My local one in Scarborough is still selling off the 2002-2003, yellow, Strongbow, 2nd strip for as little as £15 for adults. (This isn't an advert for JJB, I just want fellow Leeds fans to get a bargain). I got several to use when I go to the gym. They are cheaper than the "fashionable" branded athletic gear, cooler and you get to show you're still Leeds and proud of it!

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Players In, Out, Free & Retiring

6th June, 2004


eeds continue to be the centre of attention as far as rumours go of pending arrivals and departures. It's hardly surprising given that Kevin has said he needs to sign

Michael Duberry

Over-rated, Over-paid, and over here

14 players and everyone knows that last season's overpiad losers are due for a mass clear-out.

Apparently Wolves are still interested in Duberry, particularly as Leeds target Paul Butler's agent has said it is highly unlikely he will stay at Wolves and that leaves the Wolves manager Dave Jones with less than 5 defenders, (but still more than Leeds, eh?) At the moment there are no other strong rumours linking last season's losers with moves away from Elland Road. There has been a suggestion that Harte may go to Italy and we may even get a fee, but don't hold your breath. Most of the squad are waiting to be pushed so that they can claim 10% of the transfer fee or just get a massive signing-on fee. They've not only drunk the well dry but nearly closed it down and still they want more! You'll get your reward in heaven - or hell, guys!

Leeds to Makes Moves for McAteer & Butler?

Lack of movement from the existing squad is not unexpected - after all the hardly moved much last season did they? But their continued unwelcome presence hampers Blackwell's rebuilding, in spite of which he keeps being linked with replacements. The link to Paul Butler is repeated and strong.

Today we are also being linked for a second time to Jason McAteer. He is available on s free after the Black Cats opted not to renew his contract. The former Liverpool and Republic of Ireland international midfielder is seen as a combative, experienced midfield anchor, though as the play-offs showed he can be hot-headed and too combative. With little money we cannot afford luxury players similar to Alan Smith who are constantly unavailable due to suspension. It is disruptive and the squad will be too small to bear it. We also have competion from Neil Warnock (anagram "Colin Wanker") and Sheffield United for Jason McAteer's signature.

Free Players For Leeds?

The Sunday Mirror has published tomorrow's list of 130 Premiership player's available on free transfers ahead of schedule. There's some impressive names on there, unfortunately, Kevin Blackwell and Leeds United can't afford many of them:

Arsenal: Alexander Bailey, Stephen Bradley, Liam Chilvers, Craig Holloway, Nwankwo Kanu, Martin Keown, Paulo Nagamura, Nicky Nicolau, Ashley Probets, Rami Shaaban, Igors Stepanovs, Sylvain Wiltord.
Aston Villa: Scott Cormell, Dion Dublin, Peter Hynes, Ronny Johnsen, Hassan Kachloul, Colin Marshall, Antoni Pecora, David Scullion.
Birmingham: Bryan Hughes.
Blackburn: Stuart Cumming, Ross McKay, Adam Nelson, Keiron Renton, Michael Taylor.
Bolton: Ibrahim Ba, Youri Djorkaeff, Gerald Forschelet, Per Frandsen, Steve Howey, Kangana Ndiwa, Jay-Jay Okocha, Dwight Pezzarossi, Kevin Poole, Emerson Thome.
Charlton: Adrian Deane, Paolo Di Canio, Stephen Hughes, Serge Leite.
Chelsea: Winston Bogarde, Mbark Boussoufa, Danny Jeffrey, Joel Kitamirike, Mario Melchiot, Emmanuel Petit. Everton: Scott Brown, Craig Garside, Scot Gemmill, Paul Gerrard, Alan Moogan, Brian Moogan, Steven Schumacher, Steven Simonsen, Michael Symes.
Fulham: David Beasant, Thomas Davis, Sean Doherty, Loui Fazakerley, Barry Hayles, Andrejs Stolcers.
Leeds: David Batty (ret.), Michael Bridges, Jason Wilcox.
Leicester: Callum Davidson, Les Ferdinand, Steffen Freund, Steve Guppy, Andrey Impey, Muzzy Izzet, Junior Lewis, Billy McKinlay, Paul Murphy, Nicolas Priet, Alan Rogers, Frank Sinclair.
Liverpool: Michael Foley-Sheridan, Richie Partridge.
Man City: Arni Arason, Michael Tarnat, Danny Tiatto, Keiren Westwood, Glenn Whelan, Gerard Wiekens.
Man United: James Jowsey, Ben Williams, Neil Wood.
Middlesbrough: Craig Dove, Phillip Gulliver, Allan Johnston, David Murphy, Samuel Russell, Gary Smith.
Newcastle: Stephen Caldwell, Andrew Ferrell, Andy Griffin, Brian Kerr, Calvin Makongo, Bradley Orr.
Portsmouth: Craig Bradshaw, Deon Burton, Warren Hunt, Sebastien Olszar, Terry Parker, Carl Pettefer, Teddy Sheringham, Tim Sherwood, Christopher Tardiff.
Southampton: Jamie Gleeson, Richard Jones, Jay Lucas, Jermaine Roche, Gareth Williams.
Tottenham: Darren Anderton, Danny Foster, Lars Hirschfeld, Shwan Jalal, Gus Poyet, Christian Ziege.
Wolves: Nathan Blake, Paul Butler, Ioan Ganea, Paul Ince, Denis Irwin (ret.), Steffen Iversen, Oleg Luzhny, George Ndah, Isaac Okoronkwo, Alex Rae.

Who do you think we should go for this summer? Who do you think would come to crisis-torn Elland Road? Have a chat on our forum

Okon, Retiring, Maybe, Who Cares?

Former Leeds United midfielder Paul Okon is on the brink of retirement. He was signed by United manager Terry Venables (former Socceroos coach, who also had had him at Middlesborough), at the start of the 2002-03 season. Okon never really made a bond with the Leeds fans. Okon has spent the past season in Belgium with Oostende following his release by Leeds 12 months ago. The ex-Oceania Player of the Year is now thinking about hanging up his boots during the summer, despite only being 32 years of age.

The former Socceroos captain is heading down under to mull over his options before making a firm decision on his future. He admits that, if he opts to continue playing, the only team he will represent is his current side Oostende.

"I'm exhausted and seriously considering calling it a day," said Okon.

Presumably he's not volunteering for the 14 hour days in the next series of "Hell's Kitchen" then? Work in a kitchen Paul and then you'll know what exhaustion is! Seems that professional footballers are becoming more and more effete and divorced from real-life with each passing year.

Former Leeds Utd Youngster Retires

Another, altogether sadder, retirement has just been announced. That of former Leeds United midfielder Matthew Jones who has been forced out of the game at just 23. Leicester City signed Jones from Leeds for £3 million in December 2000. A product of our youth set-up, Matthew was sacrificed so O'Leary could buy Rio Ferdinand, but return to Elland Road to watch from the stands.

However, due to knee and back injuries he has not played for Leicester since January 2002. In fact, his last professional game was for Wales when he got his (unlucky?) 13th cap and a red card in a 2-0 defeat to the USA in May 2003.

"I've had every possible treatment I was recommended and even went as far as having surgery on my back which had a risk of paralysing me from the waist down," Jones told BBC Wales Sport.

"Any normal person would probably not do that, but for me I would do anything to get back playing the game love. When I sat down with the surgeon three weeks ago I was nearly in tears.

"Everything I had ever dreamed for has been taken away from me. I have lived my dream because all my ambitions were to pay football and I achieved that. It was fantastic and I just feel that a couple of weeks ago I was woken up from my dream and someone wouldn't me go back to sleep.

"I've tried for so many months to fall back into this dream of being a football player again but unfortunately I can't. I've got to accept it and be grown up about it and not feel sorry for myself. I've got to get on with it and make something exciting of my life again."

Always sad to see unfulfilled potential, especially in one of our own. We wish Matthew better fortune in his next career and unlike many he is always sure of a warm welcome back at Elland Road.

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Clark Carlisle Next for Leeds

4th June, 2004


PR defender Clarke Carlisle is set to be a surprise second summer signing for Leeds United. The 24-year-old is available on a free transfer and is due to undergo a medical at Thorp Arch tomorrow (Tuesday), after the successful completion of which he will officially sign for the club on July 1st.

Clark Carlisle
Clark Carlisle


The former Blackpool man made 33 appearances for the Loftus Road club last season having joined them four years ago for a fee of £250,000. Worringly, he missed a portion of the 2003/04 season after being admitted to a clinic for treatment on alcohol-related problems. (Should keep him away from Bakke and Seth Johnson then).

A former England Under-21 international, Carlisle is 6ft 3in tall and came through the ranks at Blackpool.

Blackwell's first signing since taking over at Elland Road was Danny Pugh, who joined Leeds as part of the £7million deal which took Alan Sh*t to Salford United.

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Only Scot Going to Portugal This Summer

7th June, 2004


eeds learned today that their target, Steve McPhee would be heading for Portugal not Yorkshire next season. The highly-rated, Scottish goalscorer is linking up with Mick Wadsworth at Beira Mar in Portugal after deciding against joining Leeds, QPR or Bristol City. We predicted this might be the consequence of Port Vale's stance on rejecting out of hand Blackwell's initial bid.

Steve McPhee
Steve McPhee


McPhee's agent David Manasseh said, "Unfortunately, he has been forced to seek a move abroad even though there were several excellent offers on the table from other English clubs.
"Port Vale seemed determined not to let him move to another English club unless they received a totally unrealistic fee.
"I suppose the good news for Port Vale fans is that the club must have money to spend if they can afford to turn down the offers that have been made for Stephen, bearing in mind that he is now leaving for nothing."

The heavy irony is aimed at the Chairman Bill Bratt whose greed has left Vale empty handed. Of course, this could be a negotiating tactic by the agent to force Vale to accept whatever deal is still on the table for McPhee. Will Bratt swallow his pride and accept the Leeds offer at the eleventh? Stranger things...

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Sicknote Bails! Leeds' Medical Bills Halved!

9th June, 2004


eeds Utd were jubilant today at having shed another hanger-on from the payroll. Michael "Burntmy" Bridges has signed a two-year deal with Bolton. Of course, it was a free transfer of the player that cost us £5,000,000. Bridges will sign a one-year contract with the option of another 12 months and will officially join Bolton on July 1 after his contract at Elland Road expires.

Michael Bridges
Sicknote stabs Leeds fans in the back... again!

So we get to pay the little bloodsucker for another three weeks holiday. Still as he spent most of his time at Leeds getting paid for not playing there's nothing new there is there?

' I am delighted with the move,' Sicknote told skysports.com. (Sub-titles for the hard of football-speak: I didn't believe anyone would pay for my treatment next season!)

' I was impressed by everything at Bolton, the gaffer, the stadium and the players at the club. (Sub-titles for the hard of football-speak: They have a really cool treatment room, it has a Playstation, and a DVD player and...)

' I had a few offers from other clubs, but Sam's influence and their status in the Premiership was a major factor in the move.' (Sub-titles for the hard of football-speak: Anything's better than repaying Leeds by playing in Div 1 next season, and I didn't want to play for Total Network Solutions or Buckie Thistle, their treatment room sucks it's only got a radio in it...)

Hmm, there seems to be a lot of ,"I", "I", "I"'s in those quotes but not a word about Leeds United, thanks or the fact they saved his career. Ah, Leopards and their spots, or in his case, stripes...

Bridges has spent most of his team at Leeds on the treatment table after a series of high profile injuries. Despite Leeds paying him huge wages and for his treatment and being a fans' favourite, Bridges announced at the start of the year that he wanted to go out on loan to NewLeeds... sorry Newcastle United. With all the ingratitude for which O'Leary's ex-players have become world-reknown he departed Elland Road with alacrity and whilst still a Leeds player made insentsitive remarks to the media.

Sometimes there is justice in the footballing world and despite his media crawling to the NewLeeds United fans, the performance of Geordie-born "Sicknote" weren't enough to impress Sir Robbly Bobson and the NewLeeds Board. So, Bridges was forced into a humiliating return to Elland Road. Despite his ungrateful behaviour and the hundreds of thousands of pounds Leeds United have spent on him it never appears to have crossed Bridge's mind (such as it is) to take a pay-cut and stick by the club that stuck by him and saved his career, twice!

So, as Sicknote Bridges joins the Leeds United Roll of Dishonour and gains an entry in the Hall of Shame, in the same spirit we wish "Burntmy" a swift return to the treatment table in the future and the hope that Bolton had the sense to put in the contract "no play, no pay". It's not as if they haven't been warned. Suckers.

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Mills Saga Still Being Told

9th June, 2004


he future of Danny Mills seemed clearcut at the end of the season. Mills would sign for Middlesborough permanently, a club he had won the Carling Cup with whilst on a season-long loan. However, the interest of Middlesborough appears to be over as the pair had a very public spat after Boro failed to follow up the interest in the defender. Indeed, Middlesborough seem to be linked to many players but it comes to naught. Best advice is to ignore any stories linking Middlesborough with ANY player, they just haven't got the bottle.

Danny Mills
£40,000 a week!


However, it is not just Mills that is disappointed. Mills is on an outrageous £40,000 per week and Leeds are deperate to be rid of him too. Enter Steve Bruce. Birmingham City are seeking to thrash out a deal with Leeds to sign Danny Mills. However, the Blues are hoping to persuade Leeds Utd to let Mills move to St Andrews on a free transfer! But Leeds expect a fee for Mills, who cost them ¬£4.3m when he moved from Charlton in July 1999 and who they turned into an England capped defender. Nonetheless, they are equally as keen to relieve themselves of his long-term, lucrative contract. But will the Blues want to match the wages? Mills may not have any choice as few other clubs are interested. His disciplinary record and his wages are non-starters for many clubs.

Steve Bruce is keen to sign Mills to fill the right-back berth that has been without a specialist defender since Jeff Kenna moved to Derby earlier this year. Blackwell was at the club when Mills left then-manager Peter Reid in a mess by demanding a move because he was left out of the first-team line up after criticism of his pre-season training commitment (together with Barmby). Given Blackwell's recent pronouncement about the behaviour of Leeds players next season it is hardly likely he will want Mills back in his squad.

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Milner for Sale £7,000,000

14th June, 2004


ewLeeds, sorry, Newcastle have been quoted a stunning £7million price tag for James Milner by relegated Leeds United, according to the Daily Mirror

James Milner
Boy wonder.


The Mirror goes on to say, 'Chairman Freddy Shepherd was shocked when Leeds re-opened talks about the teenage striker and came up with the new figure.' Shepherd is used to picking over the bones of the Leeds Utd corpse and extracting only the choicest morsels for bargain prices. The fact that the current Leeds Utd Board haven't bared their buttocks and bent over the Boardroom table like the previous one will cause consternation at NewLeeds. The ancient Geordie manager may have to actually use another tactic other than "buy another Leeds player".

Daily Mirror: 'Leeds are willing to sell Milner because they still have to pay off large debts, but the price has increased from that agreed with Tottenham over a month ago.' Inaccurate; no fee was agreed with Spurs, an offer was made and Milner consulted. Leeds are hardly gonna say to NewLeeds they can have him for the same price. We have clubs competing for the player and we hold all the cards. He is a young man in demand and for the first time we have a gem and don't have to sell because Milner's wages are not ridculously high due to Ridsdale's incompetence. (Ridsdale was dumped before he could put him on £8 squillion pounds a week like he did Duberry and Seth Johnson).

The Mirror claims that Milner did not want to join Spurs but would be interested in joining the NewLeeds squad! Why? Mirror: 'However the fee will have to fall considerably.' Why? The "Toon Barmy" are on their way out. For the second time in a decade a prodigal son has shown the Toon Barmy the promised land and failed to deliver. The squad is too big for EUFA cup football, good players want to leave cos they don't want to sit on the bench - sound familiar? They failed to qualify for the Chanmpions League next season and this season humilated themselves and England by failing in the qualifying round of the Champions League. That's effectively two seasons of no Champions League football - sound familiar?

Sir Robbly Bobson announced over the weekend to an incredulous nation that his objective is still 'to win the title with Newcastle.' Can humans live to 139 years of age and still manage a club? The Toon Barmy are already clamouring for Shearer to be Sir Robbly's successor - that makes sense, put a multi-million pound enterprize in the untried hands of an unqualified footballer just because 52,000 beer-addled, loud-mouthed cretins believe wearing a zebra shirt gives someone superhuman powers. The future for NewLeeds is as bleak as for the real Leeds United. Newcastle Utd face another 50 years without a domestic trophy of any kind and why James Milner would swop Leeds for that I've no idea. Leeds United will rise from the ashes and win trophies during Milner's lifetime, history tells us that and it tells us the Toon Barmy will face false dawns and end up trophyless!! Toon Barmy! Toon Barmy!

The Mirror claim that the deal could be revived quickly if Newcastle find a buyer for temperamental Frenchman Laurent Robert. So that's OK then, just sell a mercurial, sulky, French twat and it's all gonna be OK? If NewLeeds cannot find £7m without selling a player the financial writing is on the wall of St James Park: Newcastle are a spent footballing and financial force.

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Next Season's Path to Promotion!

Updated 26th June, 2004

ere's Leeds United's fixtures in the Coca-Cola Football League Championship 2004-05. Highlights include a Boxing Day clash with Sunderland and an end of season Yorkshire derby with Rotherham!


We are Leeds


The 2004/5 Fixtures in full (all subject to change at the whim of Sky or the local Peelers!)

07 Derby (H)
10 Gillingham (A)
14 Wolverhampton (A)
21 Nottm Forest (H)
28 Sheff Utd (A)
31 Watford 7.45pm (H) Amended date

11 Coventry (H)
14 Plymouth (A)
18 Crewe (A)
25 Sunderland (H)
28 Stoke (H)

02 Cardiff (A)
16 Preston (H)
19 Reading (A)
23 Brighton (A)
30 Wigan (H)

02 Burnley (H)
06 Preston (A)
13 Ipswich (A)
20 QPR (H)
27 Rotherham (A)


Coca-Cola Football League Championship

Coca-Cola Football
League Championship

04 Leicester (H)
11 West Ham (A)
18 Millwall (H)
26 Sunderland (A)
28 Plymouth (H)

01 Crewe (H)
03 Coventry (A)
15 Cardiff (H)
22 Stoke (A)

05 Burnley (A)
12 Reading (H)
19 Wigan (A)
22 Brighton (H)
26 West Ham (H)

05 Millwall (A)
12 Gillingham (H)
16 Nottm Forest (A)
19 Derby (A)

02 Wolverhampton (H)
05 Sheff Utd (H)
09 Watford (A)
16 QPR (A)
23 Ipswich (H)
30 Leicester (A)

08 Rotherham (H)

The Wright Stuff

29th June, 2004


ermaine Wright has become the seventh close-season signing in "Blackwell's Revolution". The Ipswich midfielder becomes a free agent at midnight on Wednesday. Like many others, Jermaine will officially become a Leeds player on July 1st when he signs a three year contract. Some Ipswich sites are intimating that Wright was looking for £12,000 a week! Perhaps the lack of concrete interest from a Premiership club made him accept a more realistic wage from the cash-strapped Whites.

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28-year-old midfielder Wright was signed from Crewe by George Burley. Let's hope he is more effective than the other ex-Crewe midfielder on our books, Seth johnson. wJermaine turned down a contract offer from Ipswich and did not report to pre-season training on Monday. Joe Royle said last week that Everton were also interested in the player, however, they seem pre-occupied breaking the bank to keep Rooney. He played 221 times and scored 11 goals during his time at Portman Road.

Wright's agents are the Stellar group, whose website describes Jermaine as a "pacy, strong right-winger who can also play at full-back, and was a consistent performer for Ipswich last season, making 48 appearances in league and cup competition." Hmmm, sounds suspiciously like a Milner replacement?

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