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Att: 33,432

League One 2008-09 5/4/2009
1 Leicester 41 37 83
2 Peterborough 41 24 81

3 Millwall 41 13 76
4 MK Dons 40 31 72
5 Leeds United 40 22 71
6 Scunthorpe 39 17 67

7 Southend 41 -2 64
8 Tranmere 40 11 63
9 Oldham 41 2 59
10 Stockport 41 5 57
11 Colchester 41 -1 57
12 Huddersfield 41 -6 57
13 Walsall 41 -4 55
14 Bristol Rovers 39 17 54
15 Leyton Orient 40 -11 48
16 Hartlepool 41 -9 46
17 Yeovil T 40 -23 46
18 Swindon T 41 -4 45
19 Carlisle 41 -14 44
20 Crewe 41 -18 44

21 Northampton 39 -1 42
22 Brighton 39 -20 36
23 Hereford 39 -29 33
24 Cheltenham 40 -37 31

November 2004 Archive

Boos Ring Around Elland Road. Crowd Says It All.
3rd Nov, 2004 :: by Badalemente

Leeds United slipped to 17th in the Championship and left the pitch to a torrent of boos and abuse from Leeds fans upset at yet another home defeat and the manner of it. Over 27000 fans saw Burnley run out winners at Elland Road for the first time since 1974 and the Leeds fans' chorus of, "What the fuck is going on?" was ringing in the ears of Kevin Blackwell and his under performing players as they left the pitch.

Clark Carlsile made two serious errors, Butler was lucky not to get another red card, Brian Deane missed sitters again, Gregan went missing, and Kevin Blackwell substituted Danny Pugh when he was clearly one of the best players on the pitch and finally tactically switched from 4-4-2 to 3-4-1-2 after he realised you don't need four defenders to mark one attacker! All this in front of the representatives of the US consortium aiming to buy the club - well they were until tonight!!

We had a wonderful start but the crowd, who paid their hard-earned money, rightly said it all, "What the fuck is going on?"

Here's the final game details:

Leeds United 1 (1) - (2) 2 Burnley
Wright 1 Roche 10, Duffy 31
Teams: Sullivan, Kelly, Pugh (Johnson 76), Kilgallon, Butler, Carlisle (Lennon 67), Gregan, Wright, Healy, Joachim, Deane (Ricketts 57) Teams: Jensen, Roche, Duffy (O'Neill 86), Camara, Duff, Sinclair, McGreal (Sanokho 80), O'Connor, Hyde, Grant, Blake
Unused: Carson, Walton Unused: Scott, Yates, Pilkington
Booked: Pugh 30, Butler 44 Booked: Sinclair 51, Duff 66
Crowd: 27,419
Ref: P Dowd (Stoke-on-Trent)

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Blackwell: "I'm embarrassed, I'm disgusted!"
Leeds manager shows the strain

Wednesday, 3rd November 2004 :: by Chris Hudson


evin Blackwell understandably gave way to frustration during a post-match interview on Raido Aire. He backed the fans and tore into his team and had just enough powder left to give a broadside to the Directors and money-men currently playing around with the future of his, and our, club.

Kevin Blackwell Indicates the Guilty
It's their f**king fault!


Of the team's performance: "I'm embarrassed. It's not good enough from the players and I've told them so." He added, "I'm disgusted."

"If I had a squad here I'd change it. But I can't."

On the fans vitriolic reaction to the Burnley game: "I don't blame them."

On the current situation at Leeds and his own job Blackwell admitted, "I'm fed up with everything that's going on."

As Kevin became increasingly agitated it became less of an interview and more an outpouring of frustration at recent events on and off the pitch. He indicated that he's tried to bring in players but been frustrated because "this week there's a takeover and next week there'll be another takeover!" He has the second smallest squad in the Championship and recent injuries and suspensions have taken their toll. Basically, he said that he had too few players, many were too young and inexperienced and they are tired and too often being played out of position.

In comments seemingly directed upwards he said "We've all had enough. I wish more people would take responsibility for this football club." Kevin Blackwell clearly feels that the constant off-the-field wheeling and dealing that has been going on since last year is having a deletrious effect on the direction and leadership that the club is receiving. It was clearly a message to the Directors and the present shenanigans with the US-consortium; put rustically it was, "Either finish your business or get off the pot!"

What's your reaction to Kevin's outburst

Leeds United RSS feed launched
Thursday 4th November 2004 :: by Badalemente

Leedsutd365.co.uk has today launched a RSS news feed so that you can have all the latest Leeds Utd news and gossip delivered to your browser. With RSS you can scan the headlines and decide what you want to read without having to visit the site or sign up for annoying e-mail newsletters.

To read our RSS feed you'll need a Macintosh or Windows news reader. Free readers are available. Like NetNewsWire or Shrook 2 (Mac) or FeedDemon (Windows). To 'subscribe' to our news feed, launch the news reader program, copy this link and paste it into the program.

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Einarsson On His Way To Leeds
Thursday, 4th Nov 2004 :: by Jan-Eirik

Free agent and Icelandic international Gylfi Einarsson has left Cardiff City to take a look at Elland Road in what is essentially a beauty contest between the Two Ugly Sisters. Leeds and Cardiff occupy 18th and 19th positions in the Championship, respectively.

Gylfi is an attacking midfielder, who scored 13 goals for Norwegian side Lillestrom this season. He has spent three days training with Cardiff City and held preliminary contract talks, but will now take a look at Leeds before making up his mind. There is no rush as Einarsson is not be available until January.

Leeds fans will be understandably nervous as the last time Cardiff and Leeds tussled for a player's services Leeds won. The player? Jody Morris!

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Elland Road will host the final of the excellent Rugby League Tri-Nations competition on Saturday, 27 November 2004. Book your tickets now for the final - call the ticket hotline 0845 121 1992. Support Rugby League, support the Champion club, Leeds Rhinos!!
Kevin Blackwell has said that Eirik Bakke and Seth Johnson could be back for Leeds sooner than expected; late January or early February being possibilities. Blackwell told BBC Radio Leeds: "Seth has started running, so should step up his work in about six weeks. We're looking at early February or late January for both of them. It would be a massive boost to get them back."
The Leeds United Reserves game with Middlesbrough has been changed from Tuesday 9th November, 2004 to Wednesday 5th January 2005.
Sunday 7/11/2004 :: Scumwatch

Alan Scum got back to old ways yesterday in the Manchester derby with an 89th minute dismissal. The game ended 0-0 for the first time since 1973 but the signs were there early on for Leeds fans who had to endure six years of ill-discipline from the Rothwell Rage.

Incredibly his first booking of the game was his first in 2004 and then he got a second as all the old demons came to the surface once again. (Amazing how he cleaned up his act when he was told he'd never get a transfer away from Leeds to Man U with his poor disciplinary record in the evnt that we should be relegated. Pity he couldn't have tried a little self-control in a white shirt).

It doubtless came as a shock to the Scumster that as a Man U player he could actually get sent off at Old Trafford! But the pendulum has swung the other way after recent embarrassingly blatant "home" refereeing decisions at the Theatre of Queens. Smith now joins Ruud "Dobbin" Van Nistleroy is being banned for violent conduct, still at least Alan has had a lot of practice at being banned and he can always get tips from another ex-White, Rio "Memory Man" Wierdinand

Other ex-whites featured in the derby were Danny Mills for Man City and Robbie Fowler who "appeared" as a non-playing sub. Though Fowler is also reported to be in trouble for a gesture made towards the Man U crowd before the game!

Good to see the highly paid cretins whose lack of discipline constantly dragged Leeds' reputation through the mud in the past haven't grown up one little bit - they're still a bunch of highly paid cretins but now wearing red and blue shirts! They can change their shirt colours but they can't change their spots!!!

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Mission Impossible or the Great Escape?

£25m in take-over funds proved

Tues, 9th Nov 2004 ::


eeds chairman Gerald Krasner has said that they have finally received sufficient proof of funding from the Anglo-American consortium fronted by Sebastian Sainsbury to go forward with the buy-out of the existing Directors.

Ready to Quit?


For the last two months Mr Sainsbury, great grandson of the supermarket founder, and his Anglo- American consortium have been locked in increasingly acrimonious, and public, negotiations with Mr Krasner and the Board of Directors that saved the club from administration earlier this year. The deal has hung in the balance over the demand from the existing Board that the consortium, Nova Financial Partners, show Leeds that they have adequate finance to take Leeds United forward after the take-over. This appears to have happened and so the lawyers are now set to take centre stage. Only when they get the contracts finalised can the deal be be concluded. Indications are currently that the deal will be done by next Monday.

"Sufficient documentation has been received that we can now progress forward," said Krasner. The funds have been lodged by Sainsbury and Nova Financial Partners in a HSBC UK bank account.

Leeds' financial director Melvin Helme and the club's solicitors, Walker Morris, examined in great detail the financial evidence put before them on Monday.

Seb Sainsbury has already said he will take over from Mr Krasner as chairman, while it is also being reported today that Yorkshire businessman and Leeds United fan, Steve Parkin - who attempted his own £25 buy-out earlier this year - will be invited to join the consortium and therefore be given a seat on the Board. It is also reported that Leeds fans will be able to vote a representative onto the Board although that may be wishful thinking as the consortium have had enough on their plates recently without worring about gestures to the fans.

The fans have witnessed many false dawns over the last year. We've seen dreamers and charlatans linked with the club from all over the world. Our hopes have been raised and dashed on numerous occasions since the dreadful truth about the debts of the club became public. They topped £103million within the last year! If the club is debt-free by the end of the month then we shall have to have a competition to decide what tune the players should run out to on the Elland Road pitch - The Great Escape or Mission Impossible?

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Crazy Horse is Dead But I Still Remember 1974

Emlyn Hughes Dies of Cancer

Tues, 9th Nov 2004 :: by Chris Hudson


mlyn "Crazy Horse" Hughes, has died of cancer aged just 57. He passed away this morning at his Sheffield home. Despite it's current overuse Emlyn was a Liverpool player to whom the epithet "legend" is correctly applied. All Liverpool websites will be publishing copious amounts about the details of his life and his premature death but here's my perspective as a Leeds fan of the era. It's one incident that perhaps sums up Emlyn as the man and as the player .

Emlyn Hughes


Briefly it was the 1974 Charity Shield final at Wembley. The one made famous by the sending off of Keegan and Billy Bremner where they both ripped off their shirts in disgust. Brian Clough, who also sadly left us recently, led out Leeds on that day. Well, the match finished 1-1 and went to be decided by a penalty shoot-out, a recent innovation with which few of us were familiar.

The coin was tossed and they were to be taken at the end packed with Leeds fans. Leeds went first and after four penalties each the scores were tied. As each Liverpool player took his penalty the noise had been quite breathtaking. For Leeds' last penalty who stepped up? David Harvey, the goal keeper. Stunned silence for a second then we thought, "OK the goalies will take the last penalties for each side". No problem. We all knew that Peter Lorimer didn't have the hardest shot in the Leeds team, David Harvey did! This should be easy. But Harvey tried to place it and I can still see it coming off the top of bar towards me! Hell! Still the Liverpool goalie would have to score their last. But what's this! The ball is given to the Liverpool captain Emlyn Hughes!

Outrage, a sense of being cheated, a fear of losing, all burst forth instantly from thousands of Leeds fans all around the goal. The cacophony of noise and abuse being hurled towards Hughes reached incredible levels. Hughes focussed on the penalty, the victory hung on his kick, the incredible intimidation increased in volume as he ran towards the ball. We awaited the strike and the bulge of the net. No! The bastard ran over the ball and towardst the screaming Leeds fans, waving at us. Bloody waving! I can see the silly grin on his face as he did it. I can honestly say that I have never heard a volume level like it when he returned to take the kick properly. Outrage, indignity, simply being out thought - whatever it was the Leeds fans were incensed and they showed it. Emlyn put the ball away and we were choked.

Yet 30 years later it remains one of the few memories of the game. I can't remember who scored in normal time or any of the other eight penalties. Great players make great memories, Hughes provided me a unique one that I will always remember. Few players would have had the sense of humour, bottle or self-belief to do what he did. Great goals? See 'em every week on Sky, but I'll never see that happen again in a Cup Final between deadly rivals.

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News Blackout Before Birth of New Club
Mr Krasner & Board Secure Future of Leeds United

Wednesday, 10th November 2004 :: by Chris Hudson


ollowing receipt of proof of funding on Monday, Gerald Krasner and the rest of the Leeds United Board of Directors met with the president of Nova Financial Partners, Michael Lucas on Tuesday. Basically they agreed a deadline for the takeover of Leeds Utd and then wisely announced a news blackout over the takeover for the next couple of days. The official website said, "No further comment will be made by either party or anyone representing either party until either completion or the deadline for completion has passed." So until the deadline anything else you hear is speculation, innuendo or lies - nothing new there then!

Gerald Krasner
Safe Hands


Despite the doubts of the media, Mr Krasner and the Board have been as good as their word and made an agreement for the benefit of Leeds United AFC. Mr Krasner and Board saved Leeds United and its fans from the terminal indignity of administration and could be excused if they had decided to hold onto control for their own reasons. After all they did what no one else, Princes and Ugandans included, were willing to do - they took on the massive debts of Leeds United, in part funded by loans secured on their own businesses and homes. Possibly at times they handled the PR a little clumsily but that is far outweighed by the debt owed to Mr Kranser and the Board members by every Leeds fan for the club still being in business today. Indeed, the club stands on the brink of a bright, financially sound future no Leeds fan could have dreamt of at anytime over the last year. That is only possible because of the risk taking and courage of the current Board. If the Board does make £2 million from the deal then good on them. They took big, big risks and came in with a big, big result - that deserves a big reward. High stakes gamblers reap rich rewards or bankruptcy - in this case, they got lucky and I'm pleased for them and for me and all of us.

We will shortly have a debt-free club to support. We will no longer be a juicy corpse for the likes of Man U and Newcastle to pick over for young morsels. The future starts on Friday but before that i hope all Leeds fans take the time to thank the existing Board of Directors for saving our club, for giving us our future for handing the club over in excellent shape.

Although no more news will be forthcoming until the end of the week we have some details of what will be happening over the next few days. Nova Finacial Partners has agreed to transfer £25million into their solicitors' bank account by the end of Thursday, 11th November, and this transaction will be verified by Leeds United's solicitors.

Provided the funds are verified (oh dear!), Nova confirmed it would complete a deal with the Club on or before 1pm on Friday 12th November.

Gerald Krasner said: "The intention of the Board is to secure the best possible future for the Club and we look forward to completing a successful deal on Friday."

Michael Lucas, President of Nova Finanacial Partners, said: "We are looking forward to completing the contract and working towards Premiership status."

Hmmm, Leeds United and "Premiership status". Has a certain ring about it don't ya think? What now for the future of Leeds? Have your say on our Leeds' fans forum

Tractor-Boys Sell-Out As Leeds Top The Charts
Wed, 10th November 2004 :: by Badalemente

The Whites' game against Ipswich Town at Portman Road on Saturday is heading for a sell-out crowd.

We have sold all our 3000 allocation (as usual!) and Ipswich Town's Ticket Manager John Ford has said: "It's the biggest selling game of the season here so far, we have sold close on 27,000 tickets and the phones have been busy all week.We will be closing in on a sell-out if the rate of interest continues." The visit of Leeds is good news for the coffers of the Tractor Boys as their average attendance this season is currently 23,015.

Despite relegation, near bankruptcy and the desertion of almost the entire first-team squad, Leeds fans continue to respond magnificently to support the team all over the country. We currently top the attendance charts in the Championship with an average of 28,632. The highest attendance at a Leeds game this season has been 31,808. Not bad considering table-topping Wigan Athletic is averaging just 9,408. Keep it up lads and lasses, make the club proud!

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The eleventh day of the eleventh month. A time we remember the Fallen of my grandfather's and father's generations who died in great World Wars of the twentieth century. Many of them pro footballers and supporters like us. Sadly, this year we must add 21 young names to the Roll of Honour, this time of our generation, many just like us, supporters and players of a great game. Time to put aside our petty footballing squabbles and jealousies for a moment and remember and give thanks for the lives of those who protect our freedom and those who paid the ultimate price.

Cpl Andrew James Craw, 21
Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders.
Died 7 January 2004, near Basra

Private Marc Ferns, 21
The Black Watch.
Died 12 August 2004, Basra

Fusilier Gordon Gentle, 19
Royal Highland Fusiliers.
Died 28 June 2004, Basra

Flight Lieutenant Kristian Gover, 33
33 Squadron RAF.
Died 19 July 2004, Basra airport

Sergeant Stuart Gray, 31
The Black Watch.
Died 4 November 2004, south of Baghdad

Cpl Richard Thomas David Ivell, 29
Royal Engineers.
Died 12 February 2004, Shaibah

Fusilier Stephen Jones, 22
The Royal Welch Fusiliers.
Died 10 September 2004, Al Amarah

Gunner David Lawrence, 25
1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery.
Died 28 September 2004, Basra

Private Paul Lowe, 19
The Black Watch.
Died 4 November 2004, south of Baghdad

Private Scott McArdle, 22
The Black Watch.
Died 4 November 2004, south of Baghdad

Pte Kevin Thomas McHale, 27
The Black Watch.
Died 29 October 2004, en route to Camp Dogwood

Private Lee O'Callaghan, 20
Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment.
Died 9 August 2004, Basra

Sergeant Norman Patterson, 28
Cheshire Regiment.
Died 1 January 2004, Baghdad

Pte Christopher Rayment, 22
Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment.
Died 4 August 2004, Al Amarah

Staff Sergeant Denise Rose, 34
Royal Military Police.
Died 31 October 2004, Basra

Major James Stenner, 30
Welsh Guards.
Died 1 January 2004, Baghdad

Corporal Marc Taylor, 27
Royal Engineers.
Died 28 September 2004, Basra outskirts

Lance Corporal Paul Thomas, 29
Light Infantry.
Died 17 August 2004, Basra

Sapper Robert Thomson, 22
Royal Engineers.
Died 31 January 2004, Basra

Pte Pita Tukatukawaqa, 27
The Black Watch.
Died 8 November 2004, north of Camp Dogwood

Rifleman Vincent Calvin Windsor, 23
2nd Battalion, Royal Green Jackets.
Died 21 January 2004, Al Amarah

They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Laurence Binyon's exhortation from, "For the Fallen", (21st Sept 1914)

One Deal Closes Another One Opens
Friday 12th November, 2004 :: by Chris Hudson

To the disappointment of many but to the surprise of very few the Nova Financial Partners take-over of Leeds United has collapsed. To cut a long story short the Nova group failed to come up with the money at 1pm. The Board have now confirmed that Elland Road will be sold and leased back immediately in order that a repayment may be immediately to Mr Petchey on a loan that was used to take-over the ailing giant back in March. Failure to do so carries a staggering £2million penalty clause.

The Board clearly suspected that there was to be a problem as they also confimed that discussions with another group of businessman who are "die-hard Leeds fans" were under way and in a few weeks would enable further investment in the club and money for new players.

Oh hum...

Pissed-off by yet another bunch of dreamers? Have your say on our Leeds fans' forum

Leeds Derby On Sky
Friday 12th November, 2004 :: by Jan-Eirik

The Whites local derby against Rotherham has been put back to the following Monday after being chosen for live broadcast by SkySports. The game was to have been played on Saturday 27th November at Millmoor, but will now take place on Monday 29th November with kick-off time to be confirmed.

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Leeds Add Left-Back to Roster
Friday 12th November, 2004 :: by Jan-Eirik

Leeds United have added a left-back to the squad but he's not a the much needed replacement for the injured Steve Crainey. Leeds Utd have rewarded youth left back Ben Parker with a two-and-a-half-year deal. Ben who is 17 next week, has graduated from the club's academy and is already an England youth international.

Ben is naturally delighted to have signed a professional contract and is aiming to achieve early first-team recognition like James Milner, Alan Scum and of course the tremendously successful Simon Walton.

Ben is quoted as saying, "I am very grateful to the club for showing so much faith in me, it is a great thrill to have signed my first professional contract. The club has been going through a lot of change, but having the likes of Simon Walton here sets a great example for all us youngsters to follow."

Well, we could do with a left-back at the moment so let's see how much confidence Kevin has in him! Though we doubt that he will blood the youngster tomorrow against high-flying Ipswich!

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sunderland crowd
Sunderland fans enjoy the match in comfort and isolation after Sunderland Council officials insist on stewards removing all the dangerous, standing fans who are responsible for hundreds of deaths each weekend at football grounds across the country

Leeds Fans Stand Up for Their Rights.
Boycott Sunderland Game
Saturday 13th November 2004 :: by Badalemente

Leeds United's ticket allocation for the Boxing Day fixture against the Mackems has been reduced from 4000 to 1500 tickets! Sunderland Football Club have taken this action reportedly as a "direct result of the persistent standing undertaken by our supporters at away grounds". This information has come from statistics provided by the FA Premier League/Football League and also observations from the clubs that we have already visited this season!

leeds fans

Not wanted! (Once you've paid your money of course!)


So, they're happy to take our money to our faces and then spit on our backs as we leave? Moreover, would YOU believe ANYTHING the FA tells you? This from a leaderless organisation that employs bare-faced liars, philanderers and back-stabbers; don't even mention the national coach's serial behaviour! And they're telling US how to behave! Ah! ah! ha! ha! ha!

Can't say I noticed this action taken against any other supporters? You mean no other supporters stand? I realise some are too busy munching their prawn sandwiches, canapés and swilling chilled Sancerre to notice what's going on on the pitch, but leaving aside FA Councillors and Man United season-ticket holders the rest of us get exercised by what 'appens on t' pitch!!

leeds fans

More FA evidence of Leeds fans standing! (Hint: To Sunderland Council Officers who have never seen a football game - this is a minutes silence to honour a famous Mackem striker, Brian Clough)


Apparently, this decision has been made by the certifying authority (Council) for Sunderland Football Club on the basis outlined above and Leeds have no power to have the decision to reduce the ticket allocation reversed. Brilliant; bloody politicians and council jobsworths poking their noses in again. It's not enough that Blair-wannabees (how sad is that!?!) can never find enough resources to do important things, like fulfill their statutory duty to protect children 'at risk' ('not enough funds', 'not enough staff', 'staff have too-large a case-load', 'mistakes slip through', 'insufficient training', 'person responsible was on sick/maternity/paternity/sabbatical leave', sound familiar?) but they always have time and resources to do high-profile, "name-in-the-paper" activities, however much everyone else wishes they'd piss-off and die in a corner. Especially when the victim is an unpopular free target. Gutter politicians can't target blacks, muslims, asians, jews, gays, or the Irish for a popular vote anymore - but Leeds fans can be charged, tried and convicted without a hearing or seeing the evidence against them or having a right to reply or legal counsel. All rights granted to even the worst paedophile or murderer under the rules of natural justice. So we're all guilty because we are Leeds fans per se! Well, I can see that being popular around the country, can't see anyone raising a defence for Leeds fans, can you? Shock Horror! Leeds fans STAND at football match! More at Ten! Bring back capital punishment, hang 'em, flog 'em!

Presumably, these are the same sort of Labour politicians that believed Blair when he said there ARE weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, (honest, guv!). The moon is also made of cheese and we ARE better off signing a European Constitution.

leeds fans

More FA evidence of Leeds fans standing! Four teenage Leeds fans attempt to start a riot and endanger life by holding up placards stating clearly,"LUFC" (THUD! Sunderland Councillor hits floor in attack of the vapours)

Well, the zealot councillors/council officials (hereinafter known as 'the Numpties') have cost Sunderland Football Club £65,000 in tickets and programmes alone, never mind refreshments and money spent in local shops and pubs. Merry Xmas you humbugs!

Seeing as so many clubs we visit obviously don't like us being there, (the Numpties' decision was based on 'observations from the clubs that we have already visited this season'), maybe Leeds fans should boycott away grounds? Let's see how the Chairman of the other backstabbing clubs like it when Leeds fans don't put over £2.1million a season through their turnstiles in their grotty little cowsheds.

We can reciprocate too. Let's make Elland Road an "away-fan free zone"? After all, for most of them it's their "cup final" of the season. Well tough-sh*t. We don't want you desecrating Elland Road with your presence! And remember that in May when the local council elections are taking place, that the interfering, power-mad, little Nazi Numpty knocking on your door cost your club £75,000 and prevented you watching your team at Elland Road.

BOYCOTT THE SUNDERLAND GAME! Why not spend the King's Ransom they'd take off you and your kids for watching 90 minutes dubious entertainment at the Stadium of Shite, in the teeth of a below-freezing gale blowing straight off the North Sea, and spend it on Xmas pressies for them? Or give it to a cause dear to your heart; that may be your local publican but it could be the Sally Army, St Dunstan's or the PDSA. Or why not spend it in the clubshop and make sure all your money goes to Leeds United and NOT to these treacherous scum-bag Chairmen who don't want you in their toilet-bowl stadia. But whatever you do don't spend it in Sunderland, in their pubs, bars, café's, petrol stations or anyhere else that might benefit Sunderland Council and its Numpties!!





mick mccarthy

Sunderland Council Official explains to Mick McCarthy that he cannot stand during a match. The official later recovered in hospital from what the doctors described as a "temporary twatting that probably did the little shit the world of good."


Leeds fans have your say on our Leeds fans' forum

Saturday 13th November 2004 :: by Chris Hudson

Most Leeds United fans who also support the Leeds Rhinos will have been be thrilled to see the decisive try scored by the Rhinos' centre Keith Senior in this evening's thumping of the Aussies, 24-12 by Great Britain at Wigan's JJB Stadium. The JJB was a full-house with 25,011 partisan fans in attendance to see a terrific GB performance. Great Britain were under pressure for the whole of the second half and the interception try from Keith Senior relieved the incredible pressure we were under. It also put to bed fears that once again the Aussies would steal the game in the dying minutes. But full-marks the the tough tackling defence of the whole Great Britain team and especially Paul Sculthorpe, the Gillette Man of the Match. Carney and Long were also in impressive form but they were all heroes tonight.

Although Australia were already through to the final let no Aussie kid you they didn't want to win: when, defeat was inevitable, we witnessed the Aussie FitzGibbon totally lose it and start a mass brawl. Luckily most players restrained themselves but FitzGibbon went on report for the original incident, punching Paul Sculthorpe when he was on his back on the floor! Was wickle baby wosin' his temper? Sore losers or what?!! Get used to it guys! The result means that Great Britain will meet Australia in the Tri-Nations Final at our very own Elland Road in two weeks!

Queue the music, "Land of Hope and Glory, Mother of the Free,..."

Tries: Newton, Reardon, Fielden, Senior
Goals: Farrell 4 from 4
Team: Paul Wellens (St Helens), Brian Carney (Wigan), Martin Gleeson (Warrington), Keith Senior (Leeds Rhinos), Stuart Reardon (Bradford), Danny McGuire (Leeds Rhinos), Sean Long (St Helens), Stuart Fielden (Bradford), Terry Newton (Wigan), Adrian Morley (Sydney Roosters), Jamie Peacock (Bradford), Andrew Farrell (Wigan, Capt), Paul Sculthorpe (St Helens). Subs: Ryan Bailey (Leeds Rhinos), Paul Johnson (Wigan), Sean O'Loughlin (Wigan), Gareth Ellis (Wakefield).
Tries: Rooney, O'Meley
Goals: Fitzgibbon 1 from 1, Kimmorley 1 from 1
Team: Anthony Minichiello (Sydney Roosters), Luke Rooney (Penrith), Willie Tonga (Canterbury), Shaun Berrigan (Brisbane), Matt Sing (North Queensland), Scott Hill (Melbourne), Brett Kimmorley (Cronulla), Shane Webcke (Brisbane), Danny Buderus (Newcastle, capt), Petero Civoniceva (Brisbane), Nathan Hindmarsh (Parramatta), Craig Fitzgibbon (Sydney Roosters), Tonie Carroll (Brisbane, Ex-Leeds Rhinos). Subs: Craig Wing (Sydney Roosters), Andrew Ryan (Canterbury), Willie Mason (Canterbury), Mark O'Meley (Canterbury).

Referee: Glen Black (New Zealand)

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Leeds 5-1 Up After 41 minutes
20th November, 2004 :: by Jan-Eirik

Incredibly, after going behind early on Leeds Utd are 5-1 up after just 41 minutes! Goals from Healy, Jermaine Wright and a hat-trick from Brian Deane. And Deane has also had a goal disallowed! Gregan is running midfield and QPR's defending is as appalling as the scoreline suggests. The home-town hero has put behind him the boos the greeted his departure from the Burnley game a couple of weeks ago!

With the game all but won Leeds eased off the pressure but were awarded a penalty. Simon Walton wanted to take it but deferred to David Healy who promptly missed it!!

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Leeds 6 Deane 4!
20th November, 2004 :: by Jan-Eirik

Incredibly, after going behind after two minutes to an Ainsworth goal Leeds Utd went 5-1 up after just 41 minutes! Pugh is clearly no replacement for Crainey and the goal came from the left side. Healy equalised in the ninth minute with his fourth Leeds goal. Brian Deane gave us the lead from a Wright cross in the 13th minute. Jermaine Wright himself added the third ten minutes later with Brian Deane scoring in the 42nd and 44th minutes to complete a first half hat-trick. And Deane had also had a goal disallowed! Gregan ran midfield and QPR's defending was appalling as the scoreline suggests. Brian Deane, the home-town hero put behind him the boos the greeted his departure from the Burnley game a couple of weeks ago!

In the second half, with the game all but won Leeds eased off the pressure but were awarded a penalty. Simon Walton wanted to take it but deferred to David Healy who promptly missed it!!

In the 72nd minute Brian Deane netted his fourth goal amidst cries of Deano for England!! His highest return in professional football in a single game. Our first six goals at home since Besiktas in the Champions League. Our last six at home in the league was against Bradford at home, but no one got four goals!

The crowd was a respectable 29,739, which is above our average for the season. However, 3,000 QPR fans will make an unhappy trip home thinking how lucky they were that David Healy didn't make it a humiliating 7-1!!

Kevin Blackwell will also be relieved that Leeds picked up no yellow cards in the game

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Derry Aire?

Blackwell Trying to Bring In Midfielder

Monday, 22nd Nov 2004 :: by Badalemente


evin Blackwell is close to completing the signing of 26-year-old, Crystal Palace midfielder, Shaun Derry. Club sources indicate the deal may be done as early as Tuesday morning to enable him to be included in the squad to face Watford on Wednesday evening at Elland Road.

Shaun Derry
Palace's Derry


Derry is known to Blackwell who coached him the during his time at Sheffield United where he made 83 appearances. Derry was a key part of Palace's promotion winning side, playing 44 games including cup and play-off games. But similarly to Sean Gregan's situation at WBA, he has been left in the cold after promotion, making only ten appearances this season, most of them as a substitute.

That is the one reason why Derry would drop down a division, a desire to play regular first team football again, and after over 320 career games he will help the youngsters by providing more valuable experience to the midfield. A role that Sean Gregan has played to the deteriment of his own game until recently.

But Kevin Blackwell is well aware of other characteristics that have put Derry top of his most wanted list. "He's been involved in this division for a few years now and is a battler. He is a fierce competitor, while he is also powerful, strong and at 26 going on 27, he is coming up to the right age for a midfielder. I know he will give everything for us, which is why I'm pleased we have beaten off good competition in Ipswich and Nottingham Forest to sign him."

Alluding to the need for Derry's experience he went on, "I have got to add more [players] because behind the eleven who are doing everything they can for me at the moment we have a lot of talented youngsters, but they are just youngsters. They haven't got the knowledge we require of them yet.

"I nearly put Matthew Spring on the bench against QPR even though he hasn't played for weeks because he's all we really had. A few injuries or suspensions and we're still very light - this signing will help."

Derry stands five feet ten inches tall, was born 6th Dec, 1977 in, despite his Irish name, Nottingham! He began his career at local club Notts County, who after 94 games, sold him for £700,000 to Sheffield United in January 1998. After 83 games for the Blades he moved to Portsmouth in March 2000 for just £300,000. He made 55 appearances for Pompey in two-and-a-half years before a £400,000 move to Selhurst Park in August 2002. Hopefully he will be pulling on a white shirt this week after another move to Yorkshire!

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Tues, 23rd November 2004 :: by Chris Hudson

O'Leary & Ridsdale Up to Old Tricks
David O'Leary's Aston Villa beat Spurs 1-0 last night. It was Spur's 6th straight defeat but for O'Leary it means that his Villa side now occupy 5th place in the Premiership. A league position that got him the sack at Elland Road, whereas he is being awarded a new contract at Villa by Doug Ellis. And Villa fans want rid of Ellis? Bet ya don't if we tell you his replacement will be Peter Ridsdale! Hah! Bet your cornflakes went down the wrong way when you read that!

Luckily for Villa, Peter Risible is languishing in the living hell that is Barnsley Football club. Rumour has it that Satan is about to sack the manager, Paul Hart, that he only appointed in March as they now sit fifth bottom of League One and were knocked out in the first round of the FA Cup by mid-table, League Two side, Northampton. Some habits are hard to break eh, Peter?

Did Leeds make a mistake sacking O'Leary or was Risible right but incompetent? Will he destroy Barnsley FC too? Have your say.

Blackwell Worried Over Bent EU Bananas!

Midfielder Arrives At Elland Road

Monday, 22nd Nov 2004 :: by Autolycus


celandic international midfielder Gylfi Einarsson, the latest recruit to the Blackwell Revolution, will arrive in Leeds today to begin training with the United squad. At the moment this is all he can do until the new year. The midfielder is out of contract with old club Lillestrom of Norway from the end of November, but the English FA have ruled that he cannot play for Leeds United until the international transfer window reopens on January 1, 2005!

Iceman Gylfi


There is confusion over who has jurisdiction over this matter as the FA, UEFA and FIFA are all trying to have a say and then of course there is the minefield of EU employment legislation that trumps all of them anyway! FIFA rules state that the player would have had to be out of contract during the previous transfer window in August to be eligible to play, a situation that has left United boss Kevin Blackwell confused over the whole situation.

"Gylfi will be out of contract on the 31st November which technically makes him unemployed. We are of the understanding that if you are unemployed in the EU you are free to go and get work. If that's the case we are hoping to get him signed for the 1st December, however, if FIFA say we can't, and I don't know why that would be, we would have him on the 1st of January," said a bemused Kevin.

"If a man is unemployed I do not see how they can deny him the opportunity to work wherever he can in the EU," he went on. Unfortunately, Kevin as an Icelander he is not an EU national which creates an additional problem. He is subject to a work visa though as an international that should be no problem but it also means he does not have the automatic plethora of employment rights now given to an EU national.

Building up steam Kevin continued, "There are anomalies in everything they do, they are a law unto themselves. He would have a case with the court of human rights because they are denying him the opportunity to earn a living. I don't know the full ins and out but it seems to me that European law - from bent bananas upwards - is farcical."

Leeds United and the manager are clearly hoping that a method can be found to allow Gylfi to play from the 1st December, 2004. If one were needed there is a precedent in the move of Eric Nevland from Viking FK to Groningen which occurred outside of the transfer window. Initially opposed by FIFA the Dutch FA appealed on behalf of Groningen and were successful, though most Leeds fans find it hard to believe the FA would lift a finger to help Leeds United, they haven't in the past so why start now?

Blackwell is keen for the Icelander to be available asap, "He would be a massive addition to the squad right now."

Blackwell is sure of the qualities of Gylfi and he should be given the careful process he employed to check out the Icelander.

"I decided that four people would look at him so we would have a broad consensus. Initially I sent Steve Agnew because he was a midfielder and knows the game well. He came back with a good report, then Sam went over and come back with another good report and we decided to bring him over for a week's training," said Kevin

"He was head and shoulders above some of the players he was training with and when we look at what we have got, we had to ask is he better than what we have in certain positions? Yes he is. So we decided to pursue it. The kid was desperate to come here, he had two or three options to go with other Championship sides and he also had the option to stay where he was. He feels that Leeds is the club for him, he looked around the facilities and he loved it."

Einarsson, scored 13 goals for Lillestrom this season from midfield, and the QPR game excepted, our strikers are in obvious need of the help. Kevin is looking for that scoring input from Einarsson, especially as the next propsed signing for Leeds, Shaun Derry averages just 0.02 goals a game i.e. forget it!!

"He is a lad who has scored quite a few goals from midfield, he does get into the box and I would love to add a bit more goal scoring ability from midfield. I think he can do us a good turn here but the main thing is he costs nothing and that's a major plus." Ah, the truth at last, he's a FREEBIE! Never mind, beggars can't be choosers, but the lad can score goals, he's an international, he wants to come to Leeds, he fits in with our much reduced budget and KB needs choices and depth of cover in midfield even if Derry does arrive today. This is one Viking invasion that will be welcomed by the inhabitants of Leeds!

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Tues, 23rd Nov 2004 :: by Autolycus

Shaun Derry Signing Hits Snag
Teamtalk are reporting that our attempt to sign Shaun Derry from Palace has hit a snag, same old problem, we do not have the cash! Leeds Utd wanted Derry, initially on a month's loan with a view to signing him permanently for &ppound;250,000 if a Yorkshire-based consortium injected cash into the club. However, Palace have rejected the loan arrangement and now talks are under way to try and save the deal which both clubs and the player want to go through. Shaun was at our Thorp Arch training ground on Monday for a medical.

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Tues, 23rd Nov 2004 :: by Autolycus

Derry Deal Not Complete
Contrary to inital reports on Teamtalk it now appears that the deal to sign Shaun Derry from Palace did not fail because of Leeds Utd's inability to pay Palace the desired quarter of a million pounds fee. Apparently, despite Shaun undergoing a medical at our Thorp Arch training ground on Monday he has failed to agree personal terms with Leeds Utd. This sort of thing always worries fans and it is strange for a deal to get this far without this being agreed. In the summer both Clark Carlisle and Paul Butler signed without negotiating the offer made to them. Carlisle even flew back from a holiday abroad to sign for us. So any quibbling over money before will take the edge off the pleasure of the fans at the signing and put fan pressure on the player to perform immediately. It is also surprising as the Chairman of Crystal Palace has in place a severe players' wage policy and Palace players are not on anywhere near the silly money of most other players in the Premiership.

Derry's agent Phil Smith is hopeful a deal can still be finalised. He said today, "Shaun has held talks with Leeds in good faith and he wouldn't have undergone a medical if we didn't think the deal would go through. There are one or two barriers we still have to cross, but we're hopeful we can get the deal done as quickly as possible."

A spokesman for Leeds Utd, Bryan Morris, commented, "The deal isn't dead yet and we are continuing to talk to his agent. We have to be prudent in what we do, but talks are ongoing." Good to hear the word "prudent" used by Leeds in negotiating with players. No one mention Peter 'Satan' Ridsdale or Barry the Goldfish. With Leeds keen for Derry to play against Watford on Wednesday night it is now likely that any deal will be an initial loan with a permanent deal completed later on in the week. The club did the same with Steve Crainey when he arrived at Elland Road

How do you feel about players asking for too much money to join Leeds?

Another Derry Delay, Another Reason
Wed 24th Nov, 2004 :: by Jan-Eirik

As with most things Leeds United, the attempt to sign Shaun Derry is descending into farce. Any minute now Brian Rix will run on stage and his trousers will fall down! (That's one for the middle-aged readers!) First of all he was singing Tuesday morning, then it was reported that Leeds couldn't find the 250K transfer fee that been agreed, then the reason became that he couldn't agree personal terms; by the time he'd agreed personal terms last night it turns out that the clubs didn't have an agreement because Leeds wanted a one month loan deal prior to a permanent signing. Some or all of the above may be true - or NOT!

Whether the loan deal is required because Leeds want to be certain before they splash the cash or because they are killing time until they can get investment from the Stubbs consortium is unclear but Palace aren't willing to play ball either way. Nor are they willing to let Derry play ball either so he won't be making the anticipated debut appearance in the Leeds midfield against Watford, tonight at Elland Road

What is clear is that from a Leeds United perspective, at least, the deal is not dead. Blackwell was effusive about signing Derry on Monday. However, the Board spokesman, Brian Morris made a bit of a non-statement regarding the transfer, "It could happen in the future if terms are agreed." Oh Really? A little more detail would have been appreciated!

Let's hope the next thing we hear is that terms have been agreed, until then Blackwell have to struggle on with existing resources although stories are now going around regarding three European midfielders that Leeds are looking at for the January transfer window.

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Leeds Utd v Watford:
Stats & Preview
Wed 24th Nov, 2004 :: by Chris Hudson

Leeds manager Kevin Blackwell is expected to name an unchanged side from the one that crucified QPR on the same ground just four days ago. Shaun Derry has not joined Leeds yet and so will miss his expected debut game. Einarsson cannot play as he is still officially a Lillestrom player. Consequently, Matthew Spring is expected to be on the bench as he recovers from a hip injury, the latest problem in an injury-blighted start to the season. Although Spring has played in 2 League Cup games this season he has yet to make his full League debut! He has appeared on the subs bench for just 4 Championship games. By contrast he averaged 40 games a season for seven years whilst at Luton! Finally if there is a penalty David Healy will take it despite his miss that meant we missed out on the magic 7-1 scoreline on Saturday. Healy says his confidence hasn't been dented by the miss and besides he's already put a penalty past the Watford keeper this season!

Unlike Leeds, Watford, had a disappointment at the weekend managing just a goalless draw with bottom club Rotherham United. However, Leeds fans should note that Watford under Ray Lewington have not been defeated in the last ten games in all competitions, but that run has included seven draws in their last eight Championship contests! Watford have both good and bad news on the player front: right back Lloyd Doyley has recovered from a hamstring injury and should play; but French striker Hameur Bouazza will miss the game thanks to a dislocated right shoulder that he sustained in Saturday's draw with Rotherham United. How unusual for any South Yorkshire side to do Leeds United any favours!

Frankly, if it weren't for the size of Saturday's victory this game would have "draw" written all over it!

Go for it lads! Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!

Football League Coca-Cola Championship - KO 19:45
Leeds vs Watford
on Wednesday 24th Nov
Goals stats
Avg goals scored 1.1   Avg goals scored 1.4
Avg goals scored at home 1.3   Avg goals scored away 1.3
Avg goals conceded 0.9   Avg goals conceded 0.8
Avg goals conceded at home 0.6   Avg goals conceded away 0.8
Clean sheets 9   Clean sheets 10
Clean sheets at home 6   Clean sheets away 6
Form (oldest first)
Last six matches LLLWLW   Last six matches WdDWDd
All time results between Leeds United and Watford
                 Leeds United wins                 draws                 Watford wins
League 3 1 2
League Cup 0 0 2
Total 3 1 4
Previous 4 home fixtures against Watford
English Premier Leeds United 3-1 Watford 03-05-2000
English Division 2 (old) Leeds United 2-1 Watford 18-11-1989
English Division 2 (old) Leeds United 0-1 Watford 08-10-1988
English League Cup Leeds United 0-4 Watford 31-10-1984
Top scorers (this season)
Deane                                              6
Pugh                                              6
Healy                                              3
Wright                                              2
Walton                                              2
Carlisle                                              1
Richardson                                              1
Joachim                                              1
Ricketts                                              1
Guppy                                              1
Webber                                             9
Helguson                                             8
Bouazza                                             3
Ardley                                             3
Gunnarsson                                             2
Chambers                                             2
Dyer                                             2
Cox                                             1
Ferrell                                             1
Devlin                                             1

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