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11/8/13 Leicester A 16:15
Championship 2013-14
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2-1 v Brighton
McCormack (19)
Murphy (90)
Att: 33,432

League One 2008-09 5/4/2009
1 Leicester 41 37 83
2 Peterborough 41 24 81

3 Millwall 41 13 76
4 MK Dons 40 31 72
5 Leeds United 40 22 71
6 Scunthorpe 39 17 67

7 Southend 41 -2 64
8 Tranmere 40 11 63
9 Oldham 41 2 59
10 Stockport 41 5 57
11 Colchester 41 -1 57
12 Huddersfield 41 -6 57
13 Walsall 41 -4 55
14 Bristol Rovers 39 17 54
15 Leyton Orient 40 -11 48
16 Hartlepool 41 -9 46
17 Yeovil T 40 -23 46
18 Swindon T 41 -4 45
19 Carlisle 41 -14 44
20 Crewe 41 -18 44

21 Northampton 39 -1 42
22 Brighton 39 -20 36
23 Hereford 39 -29 33
24 Cheltenham 40 -37 31

Here are the final 2003-2004 Season League Positions as predicted by myself (Chris) and three old schoolfriends from Leeds.
You score 2pts for a correct team in the correct final position, or just 1 point for correctly predicting the team will be promoted or relegated.
Ash is the reigning Champ and it is my first season.

Ash Chris Dave Lee
Prem C Man Utd Chelsea Man Utd Man Utd
Prem2 Liverpool Arsenal Liverpool Arsenal
Prem3 Chelsea Man Utd Chelsea Chelsea
Prem3B Leeds Fulham Bolton Bolton
Prem2B Wolves Bolton Leicester Fulham
Prem Last Leicester Wolves Fulham Leicester
Div 1 C West Brom West Brom Sheff Utd West Brom
Div 1 2nd Sheff Utd Sheff Utd West Brom Sheff Utd
Div 1 3rd West Ham Notts Forest Ipswich Ipswich
Div 1 3B Wimbledon Coventry Walsall Bradford
Div 1 2B Coventry Wimbledon Bradford Wimbledon
Div 1 Last Walsall Bradford Stoke City Crewe
Div 2 C Sheff Wed Bristol C QPR Bristol C
Div 2 2nd QPR QPR Bristol C QPR
Div 2 3rd Bristol C Sheff Wed Tranmere Sheff Wed
Div 2 3B Barnsley Hartlepool Barnsley Wycombe
Div 2 2B Peterborough Barnsley Bournemouth Port Vale
Div 2 Last Chesterfield Chesterfield Port Vale Chesterfield
Div 3 C Northampton Scunthorpe Bury Hull
Div 3 2nd Hull Oxford Oxford Northampton
Div 3 3rd Yeovil Yeovil Scunthorpe Huddersfield
Div 3 3B Swansea Bristol Rovers Rochdale Carlisle
Div 3 2B Southend Carlisle Carlisle Swansea
Div 3 Last Leyton Orient Swansea Southend Macclesfield

8th Sept: Beginner's Luck - current positions:
1st Chris 11pts | 2nd= Ash & Lee 8pts | 4th Dave 5pts
Hmmm, I like this new game, Seems easy enough.

15th Sept: Champion is on a roll - current positions:
1st Ash 15pts | 2nd Chris 13pts | 3rd Lee 12pts | 4th Dave 6pts
My chances are not helped by one of my relegation candidates in Div two winning 8-1, a club record! (Thanks, Hartlepool - who also came back from 0-3 down on the opening day of the season). Barnsley and Swansea are also making my choices look ridiculous. This game could be harder than it looks. Still, not choosing Leicester for relegation may be a blessing after the spanking they gave Reidy and the boys!

28th Sept: Pack close in - current positions:
1st Ash 14pts | 2nd Chris 13pts | 3rd Lee 12pts | 4th Dave 8pts
After some quibbling over the correct points total (I believe lawyers were consulted at one point) Ash slips slightly and Dave gains two points. Lee and I remain the on same points. May have to call for a stewards' inquiry, it doesn't seem fair Ash keeping in front just because he correctly predicted that Leeds would occupy the third relegation berth! It's just not cricket.

6th Oct: It's going pear-shaped - current positions:
1st Ash 19pts | 2nd Lee 18pts | 3rd Chris 14pts | 4th Dave 10pts
Third! Third! Shurely Shome Mishtake? Ash, free from his honeymoon has swept into the lead, with Lee hanging onto his coat tails in second. Even Dave has reached double figures. Early promise has led to stagnation and disappointment. This is so like my life it's scary!! Hopefully next week, when Chelski play their game in hand, they'll top the Premiership and the extra points will tip the balance in my favour.

13th Oct: It's going pear-shaped - current positions:
1st Lee 17pts | 2nd Ash 16pts | 3rd Chris 15pts | 4th Dave 10pts
The first change of leader since week 2. I'm still third but the leaders have both slipped back this weekend. I've gained a point also. Dave still struggles in fourth but there is a long, long way to go.

4th Nov:Mediocrity rules
1st Lee 13pts | 2nd Ash 11pts | 3rd Chris 11pts | 4th Dave 11pts
Everyone is struggling, the lower divisions are a joke.

1st Dec 03 Sanity rules
1st Chris 16pts | 2nd Lee 13pts | 3rd Ash 12pts | 4th Dave 11pts
Lee," In Division 3 we have managed a paltry total of 7 points, Division 2 gives 9 points, Division 1 gives 18 points and the Premiership 18 points.".

30th Dec 03 Half-Term Report
1st Lee 17pts | 2nd Chris 16pts | 2nd Ash 16pts | 4th Dave 14pts
Lee," In fourth (Last) place, Dave Evans on a paltry 14 points - E minus, may be down a class if no improvement over the next term
In second equal place, Ash Wiggan and Chris Hudson on 16 points - steady C, could do better
In first and a well deserved top spot, Lee Cope on 17 points - A plus, give me the money."
Chris, "Felt that a C for second place was a tad harsh Lee?"
Dave, "I hate you all with a passion"

19th January 2004 - Ay Up??
1st Lee 17pts | 1st Ash 17pts | 3rd Chris 14pts | 4th Dave 13pts
This appears to be going wrong. Very wrong.

26th January 2004 - Summat's up, surely?
1st Lee 17pts | 1st Ash 17pts | 3rd Chris 14pts | 3rd Dave 14pts
Smeg. Smeg. Smeg.

5th March 2004 - Goes from bad to worse. The "rear gunner" is now up front.. in the pilot's seat!
1st Dave 15pts | 2nd Lee 13pts | 3rd Ash 12pts | 3rd Chris 11pts
How could this happen, have to hope for the right result in the FA Cup.

9th May 2004 - We have a winner! And it isn't Lee! After months of leading the pack he is beaten by Huddersfield's failure to gain promotion on the last day. Ash wins!
1st Ash, the rest nowhere!
Thank heavens I won the FA Cup draw - with Man Utd - groan, what a season!

12th May 2004 - STOP PRESS!
Do people still say that? After a careful re-count by Dave it appears that it's a dead-heat!
After thousands of results Chris, (c'est moi) and Ash cannot be separated on points or other factors used to split what would otherwise be a dead heat. A disappointed Ash has just fled the country with the winnings he had already collected.
So that's a league and cup double for Chris! Bring on Euro 2004!

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