Ridsdale Twists the Knife
9th August 2005 :: by Chris Hudson

Robbie Blake opened his Leeds United goal account during this Championship clash at Cardiff. Blake, who was subbed after a blank afternoon against Millwall on Sunday, scored after 22 minutes, clearly finding Bluebirds more to his taste than Lions! The goal was a simple side-foot from within the 6 yard box

However, Jason Koumas, Welsh international on loan from WBA, on his first run in the game hit an absolutely unstoppable, left-foot, rocket past Neil Sullivan. Sully must be getting fed-up of that happening this season!

Disaster for Matthew Kilgallon. In the second defensive error by young Leeds defenders in just 2 games, a cross came into the box from a free kick on the left-hand side and for some reason Kilgallon stuck out his hand for a clear penalty. Darren Purse took the penalty and struck it hard to Sully's left-hand side for an undeserved lead. No doubt Satan Ridsdale, now Deputy Pratt at Cardiff City, fulfilled his promise of jumping up and down and cheering if Cardiff scored against the club he destroyed. The smug fuck was no doubt grinning from ear to ear as he bounced up and down; no news on whether he suffered a deserved coronary from over-excitement...

The final ignominy in the game was when Shaun Derry, just booked for a tackle, began fighting with team-mate Dan Harding! All this on the day we were fined £15,000 for last season's poor disciplinary record! Presumably, Blackwell will throw the book at Derry and we won't expect to see him take the field against high flying Luton (victors against Southampton tonight) at the weekend. Poor result, poor performance, poor discipline - just like last season; Blackwell has a job on his hands to get the most out of his new and old players, but there is no excuse whatsoever for Leeds players to be punching each other - not with Risible Ridsdale within reach in the stands, that omission was unforgivable!

Here are the game stats:

Cardiff 2 (0) - (1) 1 Leeds United
Koumas 60
Purse (pen) 67
Blake 22
Teams: Alexander, Cox, Purse, Barker, Darlington, Cooper, Parry (Lee 86), Whitley, Boland (Koumas 56), Ardley, Jerome Teams: Sullivan, Kelly, Butler (Kilgallon 45), Gregan, Harding, Wright (Richardson 76), Bakke, Derry, Lewis, Blake, Healy (Ricketts 63)
Subs:Warner, Loovens, Koumas, Mulryne, Lee Subs: Bennett, Einarsson, Richardson,Ricketts, Kilgallon
Jerome, Purse
Butler, Bakke, Derry
Ref: Steve Tanner

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