The Sunday Mirror is reporting that Canadian outfit Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment is in talks with Ken Bates with a view to buying him out. MLSE owns, amongst others, the world-famous Toronto Maple Leafs, the Toronto Raptors, and Major League Soccer club Toronto FC.

The Mirror reported that unconfirmed preliminary talks between Bates and MLSE have already taken place.

The legal embargo on Ken Bates selling club after buying it out of administration ends in July this year.

MLSE president Richard Peddie and CFO Ian Clarke visited England last month and definitely met other clubs known to be on the market, particularly Southampton and Reading. Toronto Maple leafs But in terms of world-branding neither can hold a candle to Leeds United, who are already well-known in North America and have North American supporters’ clubs in place.

Toronto FC

The bad news for Leeds United fans is that Toronto FC play in a red strip – the colour of the maple leaf in the Canadian flag. Toronto Maple Leafs, however, play in a blue strip. So will Leeds be rebranded the Leeds Maple Leafs (Leaves?) and play in fake Liverpool or Chelsea kits?

And you thought having Ken Bates as Chairman was bad?