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The Sunday Mirror is reporting that Canadian outfit Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment is in talks with Ken Bates with a view to buying him out. MLSE owns, amongst others, the world-famous Toronto Maple Leafs, the Toronto Raptors, and Major League Soccer club Toronto FC.

The Mirror reported that unconfirmed preliminary talks between Bates and MLSE have already taken place.

The legal embargo on Ken Bates selling club after buying it out of administration ends in July this year.

MLSE president Richard Peddie and CFO Ian Clarke visited England last month and definitely met other clubs known to be on the market, particularly Southampton and Reading. Toronto Maple leafs But in terms of world-branding neither can hold a candle to Leeds United, who are already well-known in North America and have North American supporters’ clubs in place.

Toronto FC

The bad news for Leeds United fans is that Toronto FC play in a red strip – the colour of the maple leaf in the Canadian flag. Toronto Maple Leafs, however, play in a blue strip. So will Leeds be rebranded the Leeds Maple Leafs (Leaves?) and play in fake Liverpool or Chelsea kits?

And you thought having Ken Bates as Chairman was bad?

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  1. lewis says:

    if they buy bates out it doesnt neccesarily mean are kit will change drastically i reckon our home kit would stay white but with those blue and yellow lines going down side of shirt like on toronto shirt shwon i do think though they’d probably chnage the away kit to a red or blue but leeds are the whites so the home kit will always stay white but the away kit will probably get changed. mot to league 1 glory next season.

  2. admin says:

    @Lewis: the article was written tongue in cheek. You’d have to be mad to buy a club and change its strip and thereby alienate its fan base. The fact that MLSE’s other teams play in red or blue shows they are not tied to either colour really.

    Having said that I recall that someone bought an Austrian team and changed its name to Red Bull and the strip to match the product – so it can happen – but not at Leeds we hope? Can anyone remember the details of the Austrian team or a similar team make-over?

  3. Mike F says:

    Guy;s we could always live with a blue away kit..!!!??? happened before with no great pain to anyone…..if it’s a Canadian outfit maybe we could have Cartman from SouthPark as our new club mascot..!!!!????….get in…. he’s as outspoken as our Ken……

  4. admin says:

    I think it’s red kits that would cause a problem. But I love the thought of Cartman as club mascot!

  5. Stuart C says:

    Well Im a huge Leeds fan living in Toronto Canada. Im also a huge toronto Maple Leafs fan and i can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that the last thing Leeds United needs is to be part of MLSE. the President Richard Peddie is an absolut idiot. He has fantastic marketing experience but his shortfall is sticking his nose in hockey matters… Look at the last 3 years standing of the maple leafs and it doesnt take a braniac to realise this man knows nothing about hockey, basketball, football etc. he is a pain in the ass that will take a young rebuilding Leeds team and turn it into the garbage he’s putting on the ice in toronto. He has no idea how to build a winner he has had to fire his last 2 managerial choices his last 2 General managers and 1/2 the team he built as they cant win to save there lives. Please for the love of god this man ruins my favourite hockey team and the fans hate him. Don’t give him my beloved Leeds United.

  6. admin says:

    Thanks for the heads up Stuart, maybe we’ll stick with the devil… the Ken we know!

  7. James. L says:

    Well im not sure about this the canadian chairman sounds like an idiot ken bates is a good manager but he should have came 1st i know we had 15 points deducted but say we had the 15 points back we would have came 2nd we whould be better than swansea so im not sure at all but hopefull these canadian people have some money for new players to the club a red kit would be bad as its the colour of our rivals man utd but blue would be ok as our away colours are blue n yellow so its no big deal unless our kit goes red!

  8. James. L says:

    ken bates is a good chairman i meant sorry lol not manager :S

  9. Ken says:

    Never mind hockey…. DON’T TRUST MLSE! As a big time Toronto FC supporter, it is no secret in Canada, that at the time of formation, the supporters broke every league record in terms of attendance.

    To date, TFC is the only franchise that has NEVER had a seat left unfilled, not even for a friendly despite having the most expensive tickets in the league. 16 000 season tickets are sold each year, plus an additional 5000 single-tickets sold, and 14 000 fans are on a non-refundable waiting list for seasons tickets 3 years in advance.

    Despite everything that fans have given the Toronto FC outfit, MLSE returned the favour by fielding a team that finished at the bottom of the table two years running…. Don’t let this seasons early success fool you, the season is still early, and MLSE has yet to sign a Super Star for the best supported outfit on this side of the Atlantic.

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